Photo Submission for Justin Snyder - justinsnyderphoto
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My name is Justin Snyder. I am a professional freelance photographer based out of Long Beach, CA and Brooklyn, NY.

Questions on purchasing a print or interested in hiring me to do your photos?  Please use the email below.


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Freelance Graphic Designer

Currently working as the lead designer for a design firm based out of Pheonix, AZ.
I work remotely and work as I travel.
Type of work: Identity and Branding, Print Graphics, Web Graphics, Custom Website design

Freelance Graphic and Web Designer 

Graphic designer for many different clients.
Type of work: Identity and Branding, Print Graphics, Web Graphics, Custom Website design

Press Junket Director ( Twentieth Century FOX/FOX Searchlight Pictures/Paramount Pictures ) 
Film Editor ( Twentieth Century FOX/FOX Searchlight Pictures ) 

Films that I have worked on for Movie Post Production, Marketing, EPK’s and DVD’s include over 150 films while working with FOX. I have selected a handful to show here below:

Edited featurettes and Motion Designer  for “Making Of” Specials for the following films:

– THAT 70’2 SHOW: SEASON 1 – 8 on DVD (8 seasons) Lead Editor, DVD Special Features, Overviews,  Character Profiles, Cast Interviews, Gag Reels and on set B-Roll crew.

  – JUST WRIGHT (2010) Editor, “The Making Of” Feaurettes for Web and Domestic Specials

  – CRAZY HEART (2010) Editor,  “Making The Music” Featurette 

– AMELIA (2009), Editor, DVD Featurettes and Assistant Editor, HBO Special


– DEFIANCE (2008) Editor, Scoring Featurette

– DUCHESS (2008) Editor, Featurette

– THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES (2008), Editor, “The Making Of” Featurette

– STREET KINGS (2008) Art Department + Editor, HBO Special,  

– 27 DRESSES (2007) Editor,  International Featurette,  

– JUNO (2007) Editor, Cinemax Special (aired December 2007 and appears on the Special Edition DVD), The Making Of EPK Featurette, 2 International Profiles on Ellen Page and Diablo Cody, 

  – MARGOT AT THE WEDDING (2007) Editor, DVD Special Features “A Conversation With Noah Baumbach and Jennifer Jason Leigh”

– YEAR OF THE DOG (2007) Editor; 4 DVD Special Features, Featurette

– LIONS FOR LAMBS (2007) Editor, 2 International Profiles

  – WAITRESS (2007) Editor, 4 DVD Special Features, Featurettes

– A MIGHTY HEART (2007) Editor, DVD Special Features, “Making of” Featurette

– FANTASTIC FOUR 2 (2007) Assistant Editor, International Television Special

– DECK THE HALLS (2007) Editor, 2 International Profile

– BABEL (2006), HBO Special (Aired November 2006)

– TRUST THE MAN (2006) Editor; 9 Web pod casts with Director Bart Freundlich