Working on a new style of images

Maybe its restless leg syndrome taking over my photography style, maybe its just the thought of creating something completely new, maybe its a way to stifle the anxieties that come with your art always not being good enough and wanting to do better. Whatever it is i’ve come to embrace it this urge to always be changing and not get content. I’ve learned to let my styles change, and as they do, delve into each new style as much as humanly possible and explore the moods, the colors and the aesthetics that come with the elements at hand.

I love documentary photography. Nothing better then being out on the street capturing real moments in time and providing a look for myself into what else surrounds me in this fast paced world. But sometimes I need to grab the dimmer and turn it down. Opening up a new vision for more of a somber selection of images, blues and greys, mist and fog, loneliness and prolonging.. As I’ve been finding myself turning over a new style of work lately these are some of the movements I’ve been willing to let be captured in my photos. Its a style that I have more room to grow with and look forward to producing new projects around it and within it. They may be darker but they are not any less happy for me. These are a few images that have appeared in my latest edits and I’m excited to get to start sharing this new style of images after spending the winter really finding this new voice.



I hope you like the new stuff. Some of these will be made available for prints in the print shop.