Yesterday at Grand Central Market

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at Grand Central Market

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA | Opened in 1917



 I grew up coming to this place, as a young kid my father would bring my brother and I to watch the mexican lady make tortillas from scratch. I remember being mesmerized by watching her make the tortillas.


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Things are different now. The tortilla lady is gone, but things change, i’m ok with change. Vendors come and go, so do people. Some hate gentrification. Others accept it and move on. I still enjoy coming here, guess that’s enough for me.




This video by Dylan Valley tells some of the history of Grand Central Market as well it talks about the Gentrification of the Grand Central Market. Through intimate personal portraits and emotive storytelling, LA’s Grand Central takes the viewer on a journey through the impact that gentrification has on communities.

LA’s Grand Central : The Gentrification of the People’s Market