3 cities 3 train rides 3 stories

Manhattan, NY

Manhattan, NY


Brooklyn, NY


Coney Island, NY









Title of Series:

3 cities, 3 train rides, 3 stories on one summer day.

From Top to Bottom:

Image 1 Title: “Delmonico’s”
Head down to the Financial District located at the southern end of Manhattan and you will find these pedestrians flowing through this Wall Street adjacent corner. Hours of waiting paid off when I was able to find a moment of good cemetery. Each person going their own way, doing there own thing. Always on the go! Always in a hurry in this part of town.

Image 2 Title: “Howling in the Streets”
A quick subway ride under the East River and into Brooklyn where the sounds of Jazz are echoing… I find this man howling on his trumpet in the middle of a back alley street. The Williamsburg Bridge arises in the background.

Image 3 Title: “Lost in Coney Island”
A 30 minute train ride away brings me to Coney Island where I found this young girl lost, looking for her mother. I brought her to a police officer near by before moving on. I don’t know the outcome of her story.