My name is Justin Snyder Photo and I am addicted to photography. I have been a documentary and street photographer all across the united states for over 14 years. I now focus a lot on documenting the ocean surf culture. Instagram at @justinsnyderphoto

I love the human condition and the environments where we call home. I love observing how people interact with the ocean. I love the rain, the fog. I love the harshness of the light in the middle of the day. The chill of the morning marine layer. The small-time periods of sunset and sunrise light. I love the cold and the shivering of my hands on a windy morning. Everything is always working against you while documenting surfing and the oceans in which we spend time in. When you do get that one image it’s kinda like a limited edition. I personally know what went into it. I personally know that the lighting, the weather, my focus, my balance, the composition, and colors all had to align at just the right moment to capture that image. It’s this relentless work to capture just one great image that keeps me intrigued to keep documenting the human condition, surfing and how we interact with our ocean. My new series of works called “a complete stillness” is a take on those waiting periods between sets as we sit in a wide beautiful ocean all around us, waiting for that one perfect opportunity to catch the wave that you find yourself lined up in the right spot to take a chance on. The complete stillness works with my documentary style photography using new techniques as a fine art photographer to capture almost painted looking settings. No photo manipulation or photoshop is used these are the original images with only slight adjustments to the clarity and dynamic range of an individual shot.

– Justin Snyder Photo

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